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Asset Management


Paragon Realty Corporation was established in 1993 and has distinguished itself as experienced in managing all aspects of real estate assets. This has provided us with an edge in handling our clients’ real estate investment activities.

The mission of Paragon’s asset advisory group is to examine and thoroughly understand each property, and to develop long-term strategic asset management plan. The strategic asset management plan focus on creating value, enhancing returns and reducing risk for your property asset. Paragon has an outstanding track record which has been achieved through our team approach. Our asset advisors work closely with third party consultants to develop the initial strategic plan for your property. Our property management group is also included in the strategic asset management plan throughout the asset’s entire life cycle to help ensure the achievement of realistic objectives for our clients.

Paragon’s asset advisory group is comprised of experienced experts in their respective real estate classes and geographic markets. The team is located in Surrey, close to your assets. This proximity results in a more hands-on approach whereby the asset manager regularly visits the property, market, tenants, local real estate brokers, and other key constituents and helps to identify value-enhancement opportunities. Paragon manages retail, office/industrial and residential properties. This variety of properties allows us to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise that is distinct to each of those asset classes, resulting in a more focused and disciplined approach to delivering strong, consistent results.

Excellent property management is at the heart of long-term investment success in real estate. These results are a testament to the quality of all of Paragon’s property management services, from the starting point of securing high-quality tenants to tenant services. Paragon’s management team manages a significant and diversified portfolio of income properties in the Lower Mainland. We are well established as an efficient operator that is attentive to our client needs.

Paragon’s management team is highly responsive to tenants and attuned to their needs. Our approach is based on three key attributes.


Paragon’s PARA methodology creates a long term (5 – 50 years) plan for the recapitalization of the client’s real estate asset.


Paragon operates a regional office and is well positioned to respond quickly to tenant and property issues as they arise. Our managers are experts in their markets and are well versed in local rents, economies, government services, and resources.


Paragon prides itself on delivering the attention of a local service provider on a regional basis. With our extensive network of suppliers in the region, we can respond quickly to tenant needs and provide an extremely high standard of tenant service. Consequently, tenant satisfaction and retention are consistently high.