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Property Management


The property management profession continues to evolve from an industry of rent collectors into professionals with the responsibility of proactively managing clients’ properties valued in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. This evolution has brought a higher level of sophistication to the management process. Commercial properties (office buildings, industrial properties, and shopping centers) require a distinct expertise.

Property management covers a broad spectrum of services ranging from:

  • rent collection, accounting, and responding to maintenance problems
  • providing sophisticated financial reports
  • developing a maintenance/management plan
  • implementing a tenant-retention program
  • developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing and leasing program
  • rehabilitating properties

Paragon Realty’s staff has the experience and expertise to provide the required level of service.

Each property is unique; each has its own requirements. Paragon Realty’s success is directly attributable to an ability to tailor services to the varying needs of these properties and the clients.

All of Paragon’s management expertise is focused upon providing clients with a fair return on their investments, tenants with a level of service that fosters building stability, and the property with a quality of maintenance that will preserve and enhance its value on a long-term basis.